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Do you have trouble getting or keeping an erection?

Are you having problems thrilling your partner due to impotence or erectile dysfunction? Have you ever lost an erection during intercourse? Fortunately there are natural and proven ways to remedy erection and performance issues.

Do you lack confidence?

Does the opportunity for sex cause you anxiety? Do you worry about your performance? Expectations and pressure can wreak havoc on your sex life. Having great sex is a mental game, and right now you’re losing. Rebuilding your confidence is the first step for you to regain a healthy, pleasurable, and satisfying sex life.

Are you fed up with unsatisfying, boring, or even non-existent sex?


Do you avoid sex? Do you ever feel disappointed or embarrassed in the bedroom? Sex is meant to be a delightful, empowering experience where you connect deeply and intimately with your partner. Your partner should be fulfilled, pleased, and even exhilarated after love-making. If you’re not enjoying a vibrant, healthy, orgasmic sex life, then NOW is the time to fix it!

Create a Dynamic, Fun-Filled, and Truly Rewarding Sex Life Few Men Will Ever Know

Improve Your Performance

With Bedroom Boss you’ll discover natural and powerful ways to heighten your sexual desire, obtain long-lasting sexual stamina, and fully satisfy any woman over and over again.

Imagine being to able to deliver extraordinary sexual performance on demand – day or night, night and day!

Become a Confident Lover

Reclaim your manhood and feel invincible in the bedroom. Bedroom Boss will give you renewed confidence in your sexual abilities so your sex-life will become an exciting and fulfilling adventure of pleasure and discovery.

How great will you feel when you have the skills and confidence to initiate mind-blowing sex whenever you want?

Overcome Mental and Physical Sexual Problems

You’ll never again sabotage your performance. Bedroom Boss covers the common and not-so-common mental and physical issues preventing you from enjoying a stellar sex life.

Perhaps you have challenges understanding your partners expectations, or you are haunted by bad past experiences? Maybe you’re self-conscious about body odor or other physical problems. Bedroom Boss details specifically how you can overcome these challenges as well as many other issues.

Imagine how powerful you will feel knowing you are no longer controlled by self-doubt and fear, and are free to enjoy the magic of truly great sex.

Start Enjoying the Sex Life You’ve Always Wanted

Whether you suffer from performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, or your sex life has become boring and routine, Bedroom Boss shows you how to repair and regain a healthy, exciting, and truly dynamic sex life.

Imagine being able to live out your deepest sexual fantasies while both you and your partner experience thrilling pleasures neither of you have felt or dreamt possible!

Over 250 Pages of Simple Hacks, Techniques, and Strategies to Get You BACK IN THE SACK and Enjoying Mind-Blowing Sex in No Time!

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll discover...

How to naturally obtain complete ejaculation control so you’ll last all night with the stamina to satisfy several women.

How to turn your tongue into a wicked sex weapon and give women pleasures they’ve never felt before.

Simple mind strategies to boost your confidence and overcome limiting beliefs. You’ll learn to master your mental state for consistent great sex.

How to read your partner’s mind and know exactly what she desires. Accurately tune in to her most secret desires and fantasies.

The 3 most critical set of muscles you can use to deliver orgasmic performance every time. - Never be considered third-rate in bed again.

Why you don’t always need a full erection to enjoy highly erotic and satisfying sex. – In fact, many women prefer this technique.

Ways to expand your boundaries so you can enjoy more pleasurable experiences and relationships you only previously dreamed of.

Bedroom techniques proven to please every woman. You’ll soon be saying goodbye to your stale sex life forever.

A unique and proven strategy to overcome anxiety and fear. Become more confident, relaxed, and sure of yourself.

How to master the kissing game. – With these techniques she’ll be telling all her friends what an amazing kisser you are.

How to read warning signals and measure your bedroom performance. Women often give confusing signals that don’t give you the feedback you need.

Methods to easily overcome romance-killing body odor. Many men never recognize they have bad body odor until it’s too late.

Ways to spice up your sex-life with role-play, toys, and exotic techniques!

The truth about Penis Enlargement – and how to recognize and overcome any size limitations you think you may have.

Table of Contents30 Chapters

Chapter 1 - The keys to great sex – 3 sets of muscles you must control or always be third-rate in bed

Chapter 2 - Use the magical power of unscrunching to power up your performance - this will really surprise you!

Chapter 3 - How to release and build sexual energy for virility and power

Chapter 4 - Controlled sexual breathing – your multiple orgasm foundation for satisfying any woman

Chapter 5 - How to tone your organs and glands for lifelong sex and health

Chapter 6 - Improve sex with your hands, back, a smile and meditation

Chapter 7 - How to do healthy masturbation for unlimited orgasmic power to thrill your woman

Chapter 8 - Achieve effortless ejaculation control – puts you are in charge so you can satisfy on demand and when you choose

Chapter 9 - Your little known sex gland – surprise, surprise! If this is unhealthy your sexual performance will always disappoint

Chapter 10 - How to turn your tongue into a wicked sex weapon - why you don't need a penis to enjoy great sex

Chapter 11 - Men at work – learn thrusting, angles, speed, depth so you can give your sex sessions endless variety

Chapter 12 - Erotic mouthing, kissing and massage – sexy 'how to' stuff that really hooks your woman

Chapter 13 - How to compound your interest for tax-free rewards - the foundation of truly rewarding relationship

Chapter 14 - Make your bedroom special and her night a delight

Chapter 15 - An introduction to loving bondage – explore your fantasies, add a mind-blowing dimension to your relationship

Chapter 16 - Say NO to boobs, keep your manhood and do what men do!

Chapter 17 - On a promise but exhausted – try these 2-minute quickies and you'll soon be eager and able to impress

Chapter 18 - How to know your partner’s thoughts without asking - this ability will separate you from the rest

Chapter 19 - Using heaven and earth to magnify your sexual power and control - being able to tap into these powerful sources will give you an unfair advantage

Chapter 20 - Penis enlargement road-test – what I did, my results and why you probably don't need to do it

Chapter 21 - Toy-boy, sugar-daddy or both – expanding your boundaries and what you can learn from both older and younger women

Chapter 22 - Body odour – how to fix it and save your relationship

Chapter 23 - The pleasure way to keep your penis attractive and desirable, and say no to penis shrink and locker-room embarrassment

Chapter 24 - What to eat for great sex

Chapter 25 - Toxic waist banned – how to achieve your natural weight - be the weight your body welcomes

Chapter 26 - The KISS diet – your natural weight partner; eat what your body needs

Chapter 27 - Hard, toned body – so simple, so easy, so natural you won’t believe it. Never again lift another weight or do a crunch

Chapter 28 - Hair today – hair tomorrow: give your hair a chance to stay on your head

Chapter 29 - Are you living with a sex terrorist - you bet! This hidden menace can destroy your performance

Chapter 30 - How to re-program your mind for health, sex and life - discover and control the power of your mind to achieve whatever you want

Dr. Greg Iacono, USA

“As a practicing chiropractor for over 18 years... Bedroom Boss was a revelation.”

For over 18 years I saw patients in several clinics in the United States, Belgium and Peru. While most don’t immediately think of chiropractors when they have “performance” issues, I actually saw a surprising amount of men over the years for exactly that problem.

I can say with all sincerity that I wish this book would have been around years ago because it would have made things a lot easier for many of my patients.

As I mentioned, I’ve been a chiropractor for almost 2 decades and the majority of the information that I read in Coleman’s book came as a surprise to me.

It’s an excellent resource and guidebook that men everywhere should definitely put on their reading list.

I myself am using some of the techniques that I read about in its pages.

Lili Searchfield, UK

“I Want My Man to Be Confident in Bed with Me!”

Sexual health is a concern for many men and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I recommend this book for any man who wants to improve his sex life and feel more confident.

Jorge Orduna, USA

“This is By Far One of the Best Books on Sexual Health for Men”

I used to work for a company that was developing male enhancement products, so I’m familiar with the problems covered in the book. You’ll be blown away... it is the best manual on sex out today!

Jeffrey Watson, USA

“Bedroom Boss Turns Conventional Ideas on Their Head”

This is a great book for someone who is looking to find a way to improve their sex life while enhancing their overall life as well... ...definitely the kind of book you’ll want to check out.

Zach Wolf, USA

“I’m Feeling More Confident Already”

Some of the techniques are simple and I was able to implement them immediately. Especially those found in Chapter 7.

Overall I found Bedroom Boss to be an informative read as the book is chock-full of actionable real-world solutions.

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30 High-quality, powerful step-by-step programs to put you in control each packed with 'never-before-seen' content

Based on Over 25 Years of Research, Study, & Real World Proven Results...

Your Genes Hold the Key

Every cell in your body contains your DNA genetic blueprint including over 24,000 genes. Although your genes rarely change, your gene expressions can change on a daily basis. Learning how to influence your gene expression will allow you to take full control of your sexual stamina and drastically improve your overall health inside and outside the bedroom.

The Mind Body Connection

Your mind stores all your previous life experiences good and bad. These include limiting beliefs, painful memories, and irrational fears. All of which can inhibit your sexual performance, prevent you from reaching sexual climax, and shrink your confidence. By learning to reprogram your mind you can overcome your inadequacies and experience life-changing results.

Proven to Please

Although all women are different, their organs and biology are the same. This means it’s only matter of biology and know-how when it comes to performing the pleasurable actions women are hard-wired to enjoy. Knowing the “proven-to-please” techniques in Bedroom Boss will have women eating out of your hand, begging you for more, and bragging about you to their friends.

The King of Sex Hormones

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for male sex drive and having too little will have you feeling weak and tried in the bedroom. Hormone replacement therapy and pills are risky, costly, and can have devastating side-effects. Fortunately there are proven foods, herbs, and techniques that can naturally increase your testosterone. Once you know how to easily boost your testosterone you’ll be able to activate an inexhaustible sex drive, fearless confidence, and that manly attractiveness women can’t resist.

The Laws of Attraction

When it comes to attracting women Bedroom Boss uses statistics and science to give you an unfair advantage. Whether you want to attract new women or be more attractive to the ones already in your life, you can use biology and predictive behavior to repeatedly create desire. Even if you think you’re too old, too young, too short or too fat, with the laws of attraction outlined in Bedroom Boss you can stack the odds in your favor.

Reclaim Your Sex Life, Your Confidence, & Your Manhood in Less than 60 Days or Your Money Back!

Put Bedroom Boss to work for you today risk-free! Begin the journey to a life of renewed confidence, mind-blowing sex, and bedroom mastery.


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Few other men will ever know what you will learn, even fewer actually practice it. That makes you
very special and, as a result, you will find many bedroom and life doors open for you

Alex Lee, China

“Wonderful Tips to Help Your Sex Life!”

This book contains many wonderful tips to help your sex life. The section on how to last longer was very helpful and had some concepts that I’ve never heard of.

I still have some techniques that I need to try out!

Meghan Makati

“Every Red-Blooded Man Should Get a Copy of Bedroom Boss”

This book had me at “the keys to great sex”, and I never looked back. An extraordinary book! Well-researched and written in a warm, friendly tone. Bedroom Boss can be considered the “Sex Bible”!

What is a Bedroom Boss and can I be sure the Program will really work for me?

A Bedroom Boss is a man who creates and lives his life the way he wants. He delivers and enjoys extraordinary sex and has the confidence to act independently. Never a victim, he takes full responsibility for his circumstances knowing he has the power to change them, explore his potential and create whatever he wants in this life.

The answer is Yes. The techniques and strategies you will learn are based on completely natural methods proven in real-life experience to be highly effective in restoring and rebuilding sexual performance. Unless you have a limiting medical condition (check with your healthcare professional) Bedroom Boss can aid you in improving many aspects of your sex life and overall well-being.

What improvements can I expect to see with Bedroom Boss?

Most men who follow the Bedroom Boss program can expect to see a dramatic improvement in their sexual stamina, confidence, and overall health. You can also expect to see improvements in and out of the bedroom including more energy, greater self-esteem, and a noticeable increase in libido. Bedroom Boss helps you succeed in the bedroom, as well as your everyday life.

Some of my issues are not physical – like my lack of sexual confidence. Will Bedroom Boss help me with those kinds of issues?

Yes. Because your sexual health is intimately tied with your emotional and mental health it’s imperative you address those issues as well. Bedroom Boss offers a holistic approach when it comes to improving your sex life.

How soon can I expect to see positive changes?

You can begin to see changes immediately after following the methods and techniques in Bedroom Boss. Some areas will take longer for improvement, however many will see a completely renewed sense of sexual drive, intimacy, and confidence in as little as 30 days.

What will appear on my credit card or bank statement?

Discreet billing will only identify your purchase as coming from ClickBank, a retailer that sells millions of information products covering hundreds of different topics.

What if I’m not completely satisfied with Bedroom Boss?

If for any reason within 60 days you are not happy simply contact us for a complete refund.

Can the Bedroom Boss Program improve other aspects of my life?

Certainly! By finishing the Bedroom Boss program you will have completed an awesome journey of self-discovery. You will then know just how much control you have over your own life and you can begin using that power to create anything else you want.

How can I contact you?

By email and Skype through my Contact Page.